Install GA4 on Your WordPress Site

The goal of this post is just to quickly get GA4 installed on your WordPress site. This post will be nowhere near an exhaustive explanation of what GA4 is or best practices for managing your existing UA (Universal Analytics) and legacy data going forward.

The important thing for you to do as soon as possible is to create your new GA4 property and connect it to your site alongside any existing UA tag you may have. DO NOT delete your existing UA tag yet.

The July 2023 deadline looms, so the sooner you add this to your site and start familiarizing yourself with its reporting, the better.

Step 1: Set Up Your GA4 Account

  1. Log in to and sign into your Google account
  2. Create the G4A Property

Step 2: Install Tag on Your WordPress Site

  1. Copy Tag script via Install Manually tab.
  1. On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Theme File Editor and find the header.php file on the right sidebar
  2. Paste the script just below the opening <head> tag

Step 3: Confirm Property is Connected

  1. After about 30 minutes, you should see the Real Time Users report working along with the following message in your Admin:

Countdown to UA Deprecation


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