Why Website Care Plans Are an Essential Part of a Successful Site

Ticking Time Bombs

WordPress powers one third of the web and continues to grow. It’s a powerful, easy to use and versatile content management system. It’s also far from turnkey, set-and-forget platforms like Squarespace and Wix. This can translate into sites that are effectively ticking time bombs. If that sounds alarmist, read any of the horror stories of WordPress users updating their plugins or WordPress software, getting the white screen of death, and facing the long, tedious process of trying to find the problem, only to throw in the towel and hire a dev for a complete rebuild.

This expensive nightmare is avoidable, but many WP users are completely unaware of the dangers of making updates to live sites, or worse, not even being aware of broken functionality due to neglected updates that has their visitors leaving in droves.

The Returns on Investing in a Care Plan

In addition to reducing the prospect of a complete overhaul of your site, proper maintenance ensures:

  • weekly software updates
  • weekly reporting
  • uptime monitoring
  • 24/7/365 restoration in the event of your site going down

In addition to the above, a LyonsDevShop care plan also comes with:

  • regular cloud backups
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Unlimited website updates (Premium and Elite Plans only)

“Can’t I Just Do It Myself?”

Yes, many people have successfully negotiated the learning curve of properly backing up their site, incrementally updating each plugin, and restoring a working backup when something goes wrong.

But performing these tasks from the admin dashboard only allows for a complete restoration which, depending on the date of the backup, may result in content loss (especially problematic when multiple users are involved). Worse yet, the problem may have started months ago and is now impossible to properly identify.

How Our Care Plans Work

When you sign up for our care plan, we back up your site and test the site for any issues once the needed updates are made. All care plans include weekly reporting and the Premium and Elite plans come with unlimited content changes.

It Costs More To Fix than Maintain

If someone were to tell you that they didn’t think changing the oil in their car was necessary, you wouldn’t be surprised when they tell you their engine seized and the cost of repair greatly outweighs the value of the car. Regular site maintenance is like the relatively inexpensive oil changes that keep your site running smoothly.

Hiring a Professional

By now I hope you’re sold on the need for investing in the proper maintenance of your site. If you’re tempted to do it yourself and have a bit of technical prowess, a quick Google search will yield many great resources for getting up to speed on what’s required.

But we believe your time and resources are better suited to growing your business. Hiring a website professional to secure and maintain your site means saving potentially lost sales and visitors as well as guarding against the white screen of death.

Please fill out an application if you are interested in signing up for one of our care plan.

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